Last Monday, The House of Blues lacked ventilation and space, but certainly not talent. Actor-rapper Mos Def commanded the stage and entertained an enthusiastic, diverse crowd of over 800 with songs from his new album, New Danger.

Mos and his three-member crew dressed like menacing spies, complete with dark caps, glasses and handkerchiefs covering their faces. Throughout the night, Mos spit into the mic using a voice-box that made him sound like Satan, singing a sample of tunes including "Ghetto Rock," "Sex, Love & Money" and the not-so-sunny "Sunshine."

His partner in crime, Talib Kweli, stepped onstage and rapped from Mos’s 2002 collaboration Black on Both Sides, performing "Mathematics" and "Ms. Fat Booty." The duo bounced off lyrics without missing a beat – one starting and the other finishing off – rapping effortlessly throughout the show. Mos and Kweli then took it back even further with their song "Definition" from the Black Star album, with the crowd mimicking each and every word.

When Mos wore out, Talib took over. These two OGs even had energy left over, busting out another killer performance at the midnight hour. For anyone who predicted that this movie/Broadway actor would lose game by dabbling in acting, Mos Def’s latest performance surely proved otherwise.