It is hard to believe cutesy all-female Japanese pop-punk trio Shonen Knife is nearly three decades old. While musical tastes have changed since they started in the early ’80s, the band has remained true to a credo to perform infectiously vigorous but poppy tunes emphasizing catchy melodies and carefree lyrics, often about sugary treats and animals.

The latest sweetened salvo from the threesome is the English-language edition of their previously Japan-only release, Free Time, with two bonus tracks. The 12 songs flit between hardcore punk (assertive plea for more money, “Economic Crisis”) to kitschy pop, which includes multi-flavored pop-punker “P.Y.O. (Pick Your Own)” and dessert-delineated “Rock ‘n’ Roll Cake” (A Japanese-language version is added as a bonus.). The group’s typical animal-friendly themes run through alt-rocker “Monster Jellyfish” and sing-along piece “Capybara,” concerning the world’s largest rodent. “Capybara” is refashioned as a cartoonish electronica remix sung in Japanese, which is the second bonus.