No matter the language, good music is good music. The L.A. band Wait. Think. Fast. happens to fall under that particular category of music that’s worth listening to. Packed with beautifully crafted English and Spanish songs and instruments of all sorts, the trio’s latest release, Luces del Sur, is a single bull’s-eye in a game of darts.

There’s a thrill in the lyrics and a quivering passion in Jacqueline Santillan’s heightened vocals. The chopped and changing melodies give each indie pop song a very unique flair, making it possible to hit replay on most of the songs. Every listen will uncover new sounds you might’ve missed the first time around.

It’s a fresh Latin sound that’s more than something you’d listen to while at a coffee shack sipping on a macchiato or drinking 40s at the local bar just down the street. It has SoCal written all over it with hints of a very brightly cultured background.

Tune in to the following few songs sans a Spanish-to-English dictionary and just let music do what it does best: “Si Es Por Amor,” “Look Alive” and “Winter Lights.”