Did you know that people from Leeds, England, are called Loiners? You’ll probably want to add some cool superlatives to your description, though, if you’re talking about Rob Harvey, Phil Jordan, Adam Nutter and Stuart Coleman; four lads from Leeds known simply as The Music.

Harvey is the group’s singer and is given to stratospheric vocals, calling out to the heavens on the Led Zeppelin influenced "One Way In, No Way Out" and "Welcome to the North," a Zep-U2 hybrid. Like Jimmy Page and the Edge for the aforementioned bands, guitarist Nutter plays a major role in making The Music’s music memorable.

While most of Welcome to the North has a heavy but unpretentious groove to it, "Breakin’" is a luxuriant popper with lots of extra percussion that sounds like something that might be done by Spacehog or Steadman. Don’t be surprised to find these newcomers adorning year-end "best of" lists.

Grade: A

Welcome to the North is currently available.