Milian has been busy demonstrating her talents over the past few years– she co-wrote "Play" for J. Lo, sang on Ja Rule’s "Between Me and You," appeared on the WB’s "Charmed" and scored a number one hit of her own with "AM to PM." Milian’s vocals fall sweetly on the ears, and the camera loves her too; the video for the Middle-Eastern tinged "Dip it Low" has her doing a sultry strip-tease that will have all the other girlie-girls wondering how their pierced navels are going to keep up. Guest Fabolous is impressed, as he purrs on the track, "Baby girl, the way you pop th’ pop th’ pop that thing!"

But Milian doesn’t have to shake it all the time and is just as lovable showing her vulnerable side. "Oh Daddy" echoes the heartbreak of a broken home while "I’m Sorry" is an apology of sorts to a would-be suitor. No doubt she’ll be singing that one quite often.

Grade: B+

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