Those nice feminine vocals – sharp, harmonious and delicate – of Lucy Schwartz are back to soothe and linger for a while. Schwartz is out with a brand new album, Life in Letters, a pretty and whimsical inertia of indie, alternative pop songs. She brings forth her talented musician skills. She writes a big, big chunk of her songs. In her new album, “Gone Away,” is the only song that has been co-written by the gifted Schwartz and multi-talented Kia Colton.

In her new release, Schwartz has chosen to pour her lyrical finesse onto themes that most people will be able to relate to: life’s ups and downs, decisions, relationships and dreams. Schwartz tackles each song with an eloquent tone that does not turn her 11 tunes into saccharine lovey-dovey songs.Download these few songs recommended here and then decide whether or not Schwartz’s charming music is right for you: “My Darling,” “Shadow Man” and “Somebody to Save.”