The inventor of sex will soon make Angelenos “Say Aah,” as the tour for his latest album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure, stops at Club Nokia this Friday. Royalty in the R&B kingdom, the “Prince of Virginia” Tremaine Aldon Neverson, or as he’s better known Trey Songz, performs with J Records recording artist Monica. Songz is very honored to work with her.

“For her to come back out and tour with me, it’s an honor to have her. Monica does an amazing job at performing; she’s been doing this for 14, 15 years … I think she is a great representation of a strong female woman and a great role model for the audience that will be there,” he says.

With an expected large turn out, the date in Los Angeles is guaranteed to be an experience like never before.

Songz reveals, “[It’s] not just another show; it will be an up close and personal experience for everyone. Come see me perform your favorite songs live and hear new music from my album, Passion, Pain, & Pleasure, for the first time. With the help of one of the best R&B female vocalists out today, my sister Monica, we promise you a night to remember.”

On this tour, Songz is “promoting just the passion, pain and pleasure within my life” through his new album by the same title. Pleasure, as fans are all aware of, is something that was more than just a blip on Songz’s radar from his previous album, 2009’s Ready. With YouTube videos of fans fainting at the sight of him, one wonders just how all this makes the sex idol feel.

“Women go crazy all around the world, but that don’t make me no better than nobody,” he says. “So, I’m cool.”

Cool and levelheaded he is, as Songz keeps grounded by thinking about the important things in life.

“I’ve never been the type of person to get overly excited over man-made things or things like that,” he says. “The real things in life I love are friends and family. I’m blessed. I’m very fortunate and excited but at the same time very humbled and very ready to see what’s next.”

With all this noise Songz has created in the past few years, it’s no wonder the neighbors know his name. Not keeping quiet for even a minute, the proclaimed new R&B king advises young ones who dream of being a star to “dream of making music, dream of doing anything … Anything that comes easy is not worth having, so work hard toward whatever goals you have and don’t give up.”

Songz never gave up on his dream. When his debut album was released in 2005, I Gotta Make It was his declarative statement and prediction to the world, where now, five years later, he is on the eve of releasing his fifth album and has finally reached the top.

Up so high, Songz reminds us, “I’m very grounded in life. There’s never going to be one hundred percent happy times, but that’s not a reason to get lost and saddened … Life goes on. You can’t get stuck in any moments good or bad.”

Thankfully, Songz hasn’t gotten stuck and continues to pull out of whatever rough situations come his way. It is safe to say that Trey Songz is “Successful” and always keeps a “Smiley Face.” LOL.

Passion, Pain & Pleasure is available Sept. 14. Trey Songz performs Sept. 10 at Club Nokia. For more information, visit