Guy Sebastian’s high notes are not rivaled by any other male singer on the scene right now. He gave a stellar live performance at Hotel Café, and the crowd was definitely diggin’ this Australian cutie.  

Sebastian’s soulful riffs are delivered with such control and grace, you get chills listening. He wowed the audience with his treasure of a voice just as he did for audiences when he snagged the title of the first “Australian Idol.”  

Sebastian’s definitely it! His guitar and piano skills are unmatched as well.

Violinist Sally Cooper had much to contribute to the performance with her outstanding talent. It was really a delight to watch her shine with such elegance on stage.  

Sebastian and his band work together flawlessly. A few of his best that can be found online are “Never Be You,” “Art of Love” (which he duets with Jordin Sparks, who was not in attendance) and “Like It Like That,” off of latest album of the same name. He even dedicated a melodic and delicate oldie of his, “Be Mine,” to a fan attending the concert for her birthday.  

Sebastian is definitely in a category all his own. If you decide to check him out, rest assured he’s not one of those singers that loses momentum or his voice after a few songs into the set. He’ll keep those high notes flowing for his entire soulful performance.