One of the greatest joys and biggest curses of loving gadgets is that you are probably going to have to get more gadgets to get the most out of the ones that you already have. On the one hand, it may feel like you are constantly cycling through new technology just so you can feel that your devices are giving you the best experience. On the other hand, there are so many awesome new gadgets released all the time that really improve your favorite tech. Admittedly, those are really the same hand, but let’s just pretend it’s a multifunctional point.

Gadgets that are built for gadgets work pretty much the same way as that awkward introduction. If you choose to accept them, they are at least functional if not clever and enjoyable. If you don’t buy them, then they are ultimately useless wastes of space. Either way, your best bet is to keep them small and functional so that they don’t become a big hassle. With this in mind and metaphors aside, here are two gadgets that give your tech the extra jolt without adding too much clutter.

One of the biggest needs that all gadgets have is the constant dependency on power sources. Sure, almost all gadgets come with at least one power cord, but nothing fills up a surge protector more than the nightly mass charging. Heaven forbid more than one of your gadgets has a large or odd-sized plug or else there’s no way that you’re going to get them all plugged in.

The IDAPT i4 offers a simple, elegant solution to the clutter of trying to charge multiple gadgets. This small black plate has three slots that can be fitted with a variety of different plugs that range from mini and micro USB heads to specialized plugs for products from major phone and handheld manufacturers. Just select the ones that fit your equipment and slide your gadget onto the plug to charge three gadgets at the same time. You can even plug a cable into the USB slot on the side and you can charge four devices together.

This compact charger does an amazing job of keeping your desk clear while charging most major devices, but simplicity does come at a cost. The i4 only comes with six plugs, and while they are some of the most popular plugs, there is definitely a chance that you’ll have many useless plugs and unused slots unless you specially order the ones you need. The connection also feels a bit loose, so there is always a little nervousness that the weight of the device may break the connector or just fall off.

That said, it truly is a great gadget to keep by your bedside or next to your computer. The face of the i4 has a light next to each slot so that you can tell whether your device is charging, plus it does have the power switch that seems to be missing from so many chargers. The price is also quite reasonable for something that replaces four chargers.

While the i4 concentrates on doing more with less, the Moshi Bluetooth Car Speakerphone does speaker functionality better. This Bluetooth device literally asks how it can help you when you say, “Hello, Moshi.” By talking to the Moshi, you can call one of your top contacts, find your Bluetooth-enabled phone or device and even check your phone and Moshi’s battery level without ever touching a button.

Considering how easy to use and high quality the Moshi Bluetooth is, the slightly higher price really isn’t that big a deal. The biggest problem that I found in testing it is that it occasionally stopped automatically asking what I wanted when I said, “Hello Moshi,” but the ability to activate the voice command function by pressing the main button makes this practically a non-issue.

Otherwise, the Moshi is a neat little Bluetooth speaker. The form is tiny, but it has some powerful speakers built into it. The ability to just ask it how much battery life it has left is a lifesaver, but it will also blow you away at just how long it can go before needing a recharge. When you do have to charge, the Moshi has an awesome magnetic back so you can just lift it off the sunshade-mounted base without having to hassle with sliding a metal arm on and off every time you want to charge. The result is a fun speaker that you can talk to when you have nobody to call.