You’ve probably been to Las Vegas hundreds of times and may think you know everything there is to do in this city of sin. But every city has a lesser-known, underground scene that even the true connoisseur, or the student on a budget, can enjoy. Passing up the crowded and often expensive Vegas Strip may be just what you need to reintroduce yourself to another side of this city.

Sleep may not be an abundant commodity in Las Vegas, but you will need a place to pass out in without the threat of being picked clean by morning. Plenty of good deals are advertised on the official Las Vegas Web site, The older hotels are always less expensive than the newer, mega-corporate-owned ones, so check them out first. You can find deals ranging from $35.95 per night at The Orleans to $69.95 per night at the Rio. Or if you are a fan of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, you can live it yourself by staying at the Flamingo, with rooms starting at an affordable $65.95 per night.

Once you have a place to crash, it’s time to take care of your stomach. Start your jaunt with some excellent Mediterranean food and a good smoke at Paymon’s Hookah Lounge. Inside, you’ll find a classically decorated chamber with paintings of Middle Eastern life, history and art scenes. Nine tables, each with its own hookah, invite guests to try some native cuisine, which include gyros, stuffed grape leaves, moussaka, as well as a variety of other popular, reasonably priced dishes. And as you dine, enjoy some of the 20 flavors of hookah tobacco available.

If your desiring a more European dining experience, then take a trip down to the newly opened Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, a replica of the famous Munich beer hall in Germany. In the cavernous “Schwemme,” or main beer hall, you can enjoy traditional Bavarian food served to you by Bavarian-clothed waitresses. Among the fare available is a variety of sausages, Bavarian-style burgers and sandwiches and, of course, wiener schnitzel.

One can’t set foot inside a beer hall without trying the native beer. Available in original, dark and wheat, the beer comes in either a small size or, for more dedicated drinkers, the large size. The prices may be a bit higher than what you’re used to, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it. If you happen in at the right time, you may see or indulge in a beer drinking contest, an eating contest and a polka band waltzing away for the patrons’ aural benefit.

When you’re done filling your belly, you’ll need a place to relax and perhaps take in a few more cocktails to aid in digestion. Take a drive into the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa in nearby Henderson. In the center of the casino is the Drop Bar, a casual, yet stylish place to drink the night away. White leather couches line the circular bar and retro-futuristic chandeliers explode out of the ceiling. The cream-colored curtains obscure the view of the casino outside with film noir opacity. Drinks are invitingly priced at $5 for a mixed drink and $6 for a martini.

Escaping the clamor of The Strip, the other sides of Las Vegas provide plenty of entertainment for less clams to keep the fun and frolic flowing. Who knows, you may find even more reasons to come back one more time – how ‘bout next weekend? Road trip!