In the laid-back world of indie music, there is the ever-present risk that the cool detachment of the lead singer and the understated melody lines can go from chill to sleep inducing. If you are not a fan of piano-driven melodies by clever singer-songwriters, you will probably burn out on this fairly slow album. For those who do appreciate quick wordplay laid against simple yet amazingly catchy tunes, however, this album is overflowing with songs that will grab hold of your mind and refuse to let go.

The album starts off on a literally silent note with “The Trap,” but it is hard not to fall in love with the bouncy “Late Night Show.” Each song opens with a quiet piano and alternately builds to an instrumental chorus and pulls back, making each song feel like a self-contained collection of tunes. The effect is that the album never truly lets you in, but it is constantly compelling.

Grade: B+

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