Forget summer romances, fall in love this autumn with the soundtrack of your next passionate affair. Dreamy Sicilian-Japanese trio Blonde Redhead is back with a new album, Penny Sparkle, and their loyal hipsteratti won’t be the only ones captivated by their collection of enchanting melodies.

Featuring simple drumming and plenty of airy synths, Kazu Makino, along with twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace, abandoned their Sonic Youth shadow for a breathtaking sound that’s theirs. “Here Sometimes” lures listeners with its hypnotic Amazonian beats orchestrated by Makino’s delicate vocals, possessing a melancholy magic that has made the band famous. “Everything Is Wrong” is shoegazing at its finest with each sudden thump of a heartbeat leading to a question of whether to stay alone or satisfy one’s pleasures with another. Then there’s “Spain,” a tragic ballad where Makino’s pleads for a better life are shaken up by gentle cosmic blips.

Penny Sparkle, like a doomed fling, is wildly intoxicating and certain to end, yet you’ll embrace its sweet possibilities. Blonde Redhead continues to shine and that’s something any fan will treasure.

Grade: A-

Penny Sparkle is currently available.