You’ve picked up the beverages and the snacks, cleaned the place up a little and invited all of the most interesting people you know; all you have to do now is line up some tunes and you’re ready to get the party started. It might be tempting to dock your iPod to the stereo and set it to “shuffle” but that could result in a mix that’s less than thrilling. Have one or more of these new gadgets from Ion on hand though, and your partygoers will have a blast helping you keep the music flowing.

Discover DJ Computer DJ System: This sturdy deck is not much bigger than a laptop and very easy to set up – just install the included MixVibes Cross software on you computer, plug the Discover DJ into a USB port and you’re ready to go. Use the Discover DJ’s browse knob to select your playlist from any mp3 or other music file you have on your computer then put your own creative “spin” on things. Two jog wheels allow you to scratch or match up beats by bending a song’s pitch. There’s also a way to automatically synchronize the unit to match up beats for you. A crossfader slide and volume, bass and treble controls round out the system ($99.99), essentially giving you two decks and a mixer to work with. The Computer DJ 2 Go bundle pairs the Discover DJ with the BlockRocker portable large speaker and amplifier unit; battery powered so you can take your DJ party anywhere without messing with cords ($249.99).

iProfile Turntable: Plug the iProfile ($149.99) into your stereo system and it functions as any turntable would, but this baby has a few other tricks up its sleeve! The iProfile is set up to convert your vinyl to digital files with a very easy direct-to-iPod transfer. Insert your iPod into the iProfile’s built-in dock and then follow a simple procedure using the buttons and knobs on the turntable to transfer the music from the record you’re playing to your iPod (This works with most iPod models and some iPhones; see Ion’s Web site for a list of compatible models. May require use of your iPod adapter.). The direct-to-iPod transfer is best done with new and fairly clean records but you can work with records that have a few scuffs too. Download the included Audacity software and plug the iProfile into your computer and you can utilize advanced editing techniques for sound normalization, noise removal and even to convert 78 r.p.m. records. Obviously, no matter which application you choose to use you’ll want your friends to bring over a stack of their coolest records when you show off your new gadget!

More Gadgets: Learn to play the drums with Discover Drums ($79.99), a tabletop drum set with four drum pads and 50 drum, cymbal and percussion sounds. Built-in learning tools include a follow-the-lights exercise to help beginners get started and 50 patterns you can learn as you go along. Or just use the included drumsticks to flail away on your own and see what happens. And don’t worry about the neighbors critiquing your playing; plug in your favorite set of headphones and no one will hear your beats except you. The Discover Keyboard USB ($49.99) is a 25-key piano-style keyboard that uses a USB cable to connect to your computer so you can tickle the ivories anywhere without lugging around a large keyboard and case. It uses no software and it’s small enough to fit in a laptop bag or backpack. The Anyroom system (coming soon) transmits CD-quality sound wirelessly to speaker modules placed anywhere in your home. Just attach the miniature remote transmitter to your iPod and then use the iPod to select a playlist, control volume and apply sound-shaping EQ effects.

All gadgets that require computer usage are compatible with both Macs and PCs. For more information, visit