A few months from their big screen debut, the Losers return for the second half of Andy Diggle and Jock’s espionage epic. Betrayed and left for dead by a rogue CIA agent known only as “Max,” the Losers, a crack Special Ops team, are back to settle the score. In this concluding volume, we learn Max’s identity and true purpose.

With The Losers, Diggle raises his craft to a new level. The writing is just plain jaw dropping, the research behind it meticulous. He brings to life the complex and fast-moving world of modern day global politics with remarkable verisimilitude, all while dishing up some kick-ass action sequences. His sense of pacing, his visual sensibility (captured expertly by Jock) are spot-on.

Weaving together oil, terrorism, the history of the CIA, climate change and the future of the global power struggle, Diggle has transposed the espionage genre into the modern day with more vitality and purpose than perhaps anyone working in any medium.

Grade: A

The Losers, Book 2 is currently available.