Imagine if only a handful of cosmetics could turn flaky lips plump, dreary eyes sparkling and tired skin glowing in time for your 9-5 routine. Sounds like a dream only a beauty fairy godmother could make come true? Urban Cowgirl, founded by Margeaux Mann, ensures active women that they’re getting the best makeup that’s not only trendy but also packs healthy ingredients. Since its debut in 2002, Urban Cowgirl has been providing ladies just that, including a revolutionary new set, the Basic Face Kit.

When Urban Cowgirl debuted their “5 Minutes to Gorgeous Kit,” women on tight schedules tossed their Blackberrys and celebrated a new victory. However, at a whopping $88, many stuck to bargain hunting over surrendering their debit card. Fortunately, Urban Cowgirl returns with a more affordable variation in the Basic Face Kit ($39.95). Basic Face Kit comes in a hot pink paisley bag that’s easy to clean and spacious enough to hold all your favorite items, yet it fails to meet the standards of potential buyers.

Basic Face Kit promises to give a sexy look in minutes, but the options provided are downright disappointing. While more expensive, women are better off buying Urban Cowgirl’s original kit, which offers more makeup to choose from. The Basic Face Kit’s blush “Sassy” is a light and smooth dusty rose, but the mini mascara is too creamy, easily melting during steamy afternoons. Urban Cowgirl claims that it’s “full of proteins,” but it has a strong aroma of chemicals. And although the whipstick in “Skinny Dip” is a luscious nude for everyday wear, it’s just too sticky for modest gloss wearers.

Urban Cowgirl’s Basic Face Kit may have its flaws, but the line’s willingness to provide women a chance to look and feel their best in minutes is worth noting. However, if you’re looking for that one perfect bag that holds the right makeup for all your needs, you’ll need to giddy up elsewhere.

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