Now owned by Travis and Cassie Oates, the refurbished ACME Comedy Theatre recently reopened its doors to a town hungry for laughs. A new box office is right in front and a passage has been included to the Amalfi restaurant next door , making drinks and a good meal just steps away. And that’s to say nothing of ACME’s glossy programs or sparkling new bathrooms!

Ongoing at ACME, the Bravo Company – Ian Busch, Dave Cox, Brian Bradley, Javier Grajeda, Michele Gregory, Ethan Karson, Jim Newman, Andy Suriano and Steve Young – perform “The Sunday Show Goes To Washington” every – you guessed it – Sunday night. Written by the entire cast, it’s a sketch revue affair mixing satire and humor that hits nearly every target. The show also features some great costumes including a gingerbread man, heroes trying to save Lincoln and the always popular, wall of cats.

During the show, the company flies through witty skits including “great ass-holes throughout history” and a tour of George W. Bush’s presidential library. It also takes a look at an obvious case for cannibalism.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary as a theatre, ACME has been on the former synagogue site on La Brea Blvd. for nearly 10 of those years. Travis, a long-time cast member, describes various shows that run Wednesday through Sunday, covering everything from improv to sketches to 1940s’-style radio shows. Be sure to catch “Improv Outcast” on Fridays at 8 p.m. for a “Survivor”-style game of cutthroat improv. Many big names in comedy have graced the stage at ACME, which include Ryan Stiles, Sean Hayes, Fred Willard, Will Wheaton and even a woman named Nia Vardalos who had a one-woman show called “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding” in 1997. Sounds like a turkey to me – I’m glad I missed it – though I’d still recommend stopping by to catch some laughs soon at the newly re-vamped ACME Theatre.

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