Some would say that a band with only one album under its belt releasing a live DVD would be a bit presumptuous, well, it is … But most new bands don’t work as hard as the Airborne Toxic Event.

After approximately four short years of being a band, having a massive hit song and nonstop touring, the Airborne Toxic Event have managed to stay on the rock radar in between releases. Following relentless traditional rock touring behind their self-titled debut, the band set out on a short acoustic tour supported by the Calder Quartet to spread their wings and give their fans a taste of how versatile this band actually is.

The All I Ever Wanted DVD documents the band’s one night only sold-out homecoming show at the world famous Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. If the DVD proves anything that the general rock consumer isn’t already aware of, it’s the band’s knack for writing solid songs that translate well in any form. Acoustically, Airborne’s original songs are reminiscent of nursery rhymes: simple and fetishly catchy. Although the young band still has an identity to find when it comes to onstage antics – refer to any live Foo Fighters YouTube video – the band’s humble persona puts to rest the “nice guys finish last” saying that unfortunately seems to be all too present in the Los Angeles music scene these days.

Throughout the DVD, the band runs through its short catalogue with the help of some of east Los Angeles’ finest children’s choirs, high school bands and even folklorico dancers to bring the Southern California rock crowd an eclectic night I’m sure they won’t soon forget. The concert is elegantly intertwined with black-and-white filmed backstage rehearsals and candid band member dialogues. All I Ever Wanted tells a story of a band who have not abandoned their DIY work ethic, even when they’re selling out mid-sized venues night after night with ease.

Grade: A

All I Ever Wanted is currently available.