For anyone pining for the long-haired, anything goes music of the early ’70s, here’s Portland, Oregon-based Cabinessence with sophomore release, Naked Friends. There are retro touches akin to the Ozark Mountain Daredevils or early Poco (check out pedal steel-kissed “Thumbs” or the faux-Nashville “Grace”) in addition to FM rock (ear-catching “Consider the Source” mixes Creedence Clearwater Revival with an Allman Brothers-ish groove).

There are contemporary hallmarks as well: the slinky “Should’ve Known” has a Black Crowes-like swagger while spacey instrumental “Ruby’s Moon Elevator” glides along with a south-of-the-border tone similar to Calexico. British pop (the Beatles and T. Rex) and California sunshine pop (think Brian Wilson’s Smile) can also be heard through the 12 tracks.

If you’re looking for a finely crafted dip into the jukebox of yesterday’s musical inspirations, Cabinessence is a harmless place to start: Astute listeners can even have fun spotting each influence.

Grade: B

Naked Friends is currently available.