Evolett’s initial lineup was that of a typical trio: guitar, bass and drums with the guitar player handling vocals. But sensing that something was lacking they added a second guitarist and brought in a lead singer in the person of Haden Brightwell, a 19-year-old with a strong voice similar to that of Metric’s Emily Haines. But whereas Haines often sings with an obvious playfulness, Brightwell is down to business, keeping her tone serious as she tackles this set of angst-filled songs.

With the rest of the band not much older than Brightwell, the subject matter here is mostly about what they’re preoccupied with in real life – the fragility of love relationships. The fact that the relationships portrayed are mostly falling apart doesn’t preclude Brightwell from soaring occasionally. On the well-written and radio-ready “The Compromise,” she sings like a young Pat Benatar and with hints of positivity even though she’s telling someone how toxic they are.

Unfortunately, Brightwell’s voice is Evolett’s only unique asset; the boys in the band are musically competent but they don’t stand out in any way from hundreds of other emo bands. Given a few hooks to work with Brightwell will propel this band to big things.

Grade: B

For Your Consideration is currently available.