Getting up, jumping up and down and screaming your heart out will be no problem when Hey Monday blasts out of your speakers. Out with a new album, Beneath It All, and a sound so darn cool you’ll want to slip into your skinny black leggings and throw on a black slim-cut T-shirt.

“Wondergirl” boasts the ultimate line, “I’m not gonna save you ... go save yourself.” It’s the kind of song dedicated to the moron who has let go of such a good love thing. Girl power! It’s written all over the songs, but since singer-songwriter Cassadee Pope keeps the pronouns out of most of the songs, it could go both ways. It’s a blend of Katy Perry pop, Paramore vocals and Boys Like Girls sounds. In retrospect, Beneath It All is a rush of pop rock songs to alleviate those hard-to-get-out-of-bed Mondays and a broken heart.What’s missing is the other half of the record. The arrival at the last track on the album will go by faster than you think. With songs so catchy and magnetic, it leaves the listener wanting more songs to dance and sing along to.

Grade: B

Beneath It All is currently available.