I find myself typing three words I never thought I’d write about of Montreal: repetitive, tame and forgettable. Their latest artistic venture keeps their usual musical obscurity at a rather conventional level. Longtime fans of the band will quickly notice that their signature psychedelic tangents are missing.

Lead singer Kevin Barnes collaborates with Janelle Monae, Solange Knowles and Jon Brion on of Montreal’s 10th studio record. Unfortunately, their efforts were lackluster and underwhelming. Monae and Knowles’ vocal stylings were not used to their full potential nor did they add anything dynamic to the arrangements. My interest was peaked only by the semi-catchy hooks that are also conveniently the song titles.

From the album artwork to the special guests, the album moves in a misleading, inconsistent blur. “Coquet Coquette” and “Like a Tourist” might be the only good songs on the album, and even those drag their feet.

Grade: C+

False Priest is currently available.