No, this group isn’t made up of a bunch of schizophrenics. In this case, Men in My Head not only refers to this quartet’s name and album title but also to one of their songs where the lyrics deal with a guy in a questionable relationship who’s trying to make a decision as to what to do.

The band, meanwhile, doesn’t indulge any second-guessing – they’re tight. MIMH plays a classy style of jazz/rock with various shadings; “Men in My Head” has a funky beat, cool female background vocals, fluid guitar, keys and a horn section, while “Art & Soul” features most of the preceding with the addition of a very hooky chorus and rapped vocals from MIMH main man Eddie Gindi. Lead guitarist Morris Levy tunes to Santana mode for “Davenport,” where congas and assorted percussion instruments add to the Latin seduction, making it a pretty sure thing that there’ll be some loving on the couch.

And that’s the overall idea here; excellent musicianship has been put into Men in My Head, and you may very well appreciate it more for setting a comfy mood.

Grade: B

Men in My Head is currently available.