The Posies seem to have the best influences; much of their music is inspired by that of the Beatles, and up until the death of Alex Chilton earlier this year, core Posies Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow were members of revered pop band Big Star. That pedigree gives Posies carte blanche to work in any pop genre they choose, and they mix it up pretty good on Blood/Candy, mashing up the Fab Four and Nirvana with guest vocalist Hugh Cornwell of the Stranglers on “Plastic Paperbacks,” performing the best song Electric Light Orchestra never did in “Licenses to Hide” and paying tribute to Big Star with layers of honeyed harmonies on “So Caroline.”

“Accidental Architecture” has Auer and Stringfellow doing their best Godley & Crème, fitting lush harmonies into the most unlikely of spaces between quirks while “Notion 99” has a ’60s sound reminiscent of the Hollies. None of this material recycles great songs from the past like “Solar Sister” or “Dream All Day,” but Blood/Candy rivals breakthrough Frosting on the Beater for pop proficiency and sheer enjoyability.

Grade: B+

Blood/Candy is currently available.