A sound this aggressive and poignant can’t come from just two guys, or can it?  Middle Class Rut is comprised of two former members of punk band Leisure, and that’s it. On vocals and drums is Sean Stockholm, and on vocals and guitar is Zack Lopez.

The two sound like a full band, and the arrangement of the songs gives your ears something worth listening to better than the same old nonsense. Vocally, they sound like a mix between Sparta and Jane’s Addiction. The music is a mix of driving beats and solid guitars all the way down to a broken melody that expands the record’s depth.

This is the kind of album that never gets tired or routine and more importantly, makes you want to turn it up loud. I can’t imagine anyone listening to this and not wanting to see it live. That alone validates the grade for this offering from Middle Class Rut.  

Grade: A

No Name No Color is currently available.