Seth Green’s new online live stream social experiment, ControlTV, kicks off today at 8 a.m. This unprecedented Web series allows voters to watch and vote on everything 25-year-old Tristan Couvares does over the course of six weeks. Below, Tristan sounds off.

How did you get picked for the show?

I was just looking for a job and saw an ad online. I don’t think I would have even gone to that but it was right around the corner from my house, literally less than a mile from where I live and worked. I mean I can’t see myself being in this situation if I lived anywhere else. L.A. is just full of all entertainment stuff and it’s such a hub of activity.

What are you most looking forward to?

Hopefully, having fun, and that it will be something life changing. I want it to be in a positive way though. They have done a good job of keeping me in the dark over what might be happening throughout the six weeks.

What are you least looking forward to?

To being broadcasted all the time with no editing or breaks.

Are you a fan of reality TV?

No [laughs], I don’t like it. I never got behind “Survivor” or the other shows. [I’ve] watched a few “Jersey Shore” [episodes] a couple of times though. In the writers’ strike when “Survivor” came on, I just missed scripted TV.

What are your favorite things about Los Angeles?

Weather! There is also a lot to do here. I like concerts, Venice, bars, clubs, not too much cultural stuff, I’m not gonna lie. I’ll go see the Yankees when they’re in town. I’ve seen San Diego Chargers vs. Jets here. I have been to see the Dodgers when the Yankees aren’t in town too. I haven’t been to see the Galaxy yet.

How do you feel about your life taking such a drastic turn today?

Nervous, excited, anxious, scared: It’s a mixture of all these emotions. Probably being ruled by nervousness right now.