Come rain or come shine, the iPhone is launching a new app called Real Weather Girls on Oct. 6. Each weather girl posts a daily video five times a week that shares the hottest places in their respective cities, dishes about their personal lives and, of course, gives weather forecasts.  

The app launches with 12 women in 12 of the most alluring cities, including our very own Los Angeles. Born on Mulholland Drive and acting since the age of 3 (She’s also the daughter of Richard Kline from “Three’s Company” fame.), Colby Kline represents the city of Los Angeles.  

“If you ask any one of my friends, I’m so L.A. I love living here. I have so much fun in this town,” tells Kline, who promotes a weekly club night at the Mandrake.

Real Weather Girls creator Steve Dworman noticed Kline’s love for the city instantly: “Colby is just cool. She’s been around Hollywood her whole life. I think she has a really interesting and unusual take on Los Angeles.”

On the daily two-minute videos, Kline takes viewers to some of the hottest spots in town.

“I have fun things I want to film and tips and tricks that I want to share,” she says.  

The weather girls aren’t just serving as tour guides though.

“It’s not only going to be visually spectacular, but you’ll be able to see into a window of these girls’ lives,” says Kline. “I’m a pretty open person. I don’t think I’m uncomfortable sharing intimate details.”

Kline also compares the app to choose-your-own adventure books. Viewers can comment on what’s happening with the girls, whether they’d like to see Kline visit Pink’s Hot Dogs or give dating advice.  

“We’re going to be looking through the comments and taking that very seriously,” says Dworman.

“Because the audience will have a say in it, there are just endless possibilities,” adds Kline.

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