Being a teen queen sure must not be easy. There’s everything that sucks in your life – all those people and things you hate. How to tell the world? If you’re Skye Sweetnam, dispersing youthful angst seems not only effortless, but downright fun. The 16-year old romps through Noise from the Basement like daddy just dropped her at the mall with a new Visa Platinum in tow, a sniff of disdain at this, a purr of delight at that.

Sweetnam plays the rebel with a wink and a nod, chewing up a big piece of bubblegum on "Billy S," and using a heavy bass riff to accentuate her emotions on "I Don’t Really Like You." The inclusion of a sped up version of Blondie’s "Heart of Glass" gives an idea of the overall vibe that Sweetnam and crew are going for. This record should keep Sweetnam "the big girl" at pop radio all the way through next spring.

Grade: A

Noise from the Basement is currently available.