The much-anticipated album, Invented, from Jimmy Eat World leaves fans feeling shortchanged after such a long wait. The song that shares its name with the album is long and drones on for seven minutes, forcing you to hit the next button only to realize that everything pretty much sounds the same: bland and mid-tempo with folksy influences in some songs (“Heart is Hard to Find”).

That being said, a few songs, “Higher Devotion,” “Coffee and Cigarettes,” “Stop” and “Action Needs an Audience” are the some of the few redeeming factors for this track list. “Coffee and Cigarettes,” in particular, brings back memories of the old Jimmy Eat World songs that you still sing verbatim (“The Middle,” anyone?). Still, I’m not sure what this otherwise great band invented with this album, but in short, Jimmy ate it.

Grade: C

Invented is currently available.