Skinlab celebrates their first decade on the scene with this double-disc collection of live cuts, edits, re-mixes and demos.

If the oldie "When Pain Comes to Surface" is your favorite ’Lab cut, you’ll have an opportunity to relish two versions, a live rendition and the demo cut from the long deleted Eyesore EP. The other four songs from Eyesore are here too along with the Suffer EP, but the rarities keep on pounding with two cuts from Skinlab’s precursor, Circle of Vengeance, and killer live versions of "Purify," "Scapegoat" and "Know Your Enemies." There’s even a Smashing Pumpkins cover ("Bullet with Butterfly Wings") and two new songs, "Losing All" and "Beneath the Surface."

Nerve Damage is a great way to track the musical growth of these metal men, but you can forget the chronology and just play it – it slams from start to finish.

Grade: A