Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Personal Cup: Coffee, like overpriced textbooks, is a necessity of college life. The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Personal Cup (hamiltonbeach.com) is the perfect addition to any dorm room.

Designed for Senseo coffee pods, the Stay or Go makes a quick cup of coffee, right into your cup or travel mug, so you can have a cup on demand while you study or take your mug with you to class. Plus, it’s compact (a must for dorm rooms), and there’s no hassle of scooping and measuring messy coffee grounds. The pods, which are something like a tea bag, are quick and easy and taste great. Senseo makes a wide variety of blends, from Dark Roast to French Vanilla.

Forget the lines and overpriced lattes at Starbucks. This thing will save your life and your grades.

Callpod Chargepod: Ditch all the clutter and confusion of multiple chargers with the Chargepod (callpod.com). Weighing just one ounce, this gadget can charge six of your devices at one time using only one outlet.

It comes with three attachments: a mini-USB, a micro-USB and an iPhone/iPod connector, plus a voucher for a free adapter of your choice. The Chargepod can charge just about anything (check the Web site for the list of over 3,000 devices), from GPS navigators to mp3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, portable video games and Bluetooth headsets.

Plus, there is a car adapter, so you can charge on the go. The Chargepod is particularly handy when traveling out of the country. Instead of bringing a slew of foreign power adapters, you need only one. Also included is a travel pouch.

Never have a battery die on you again!

Targus Lap Chill Mat: Laptops are meant for laps. But when they heat up it’s not good for you or your computer. Perhaps in the future they will be marketed as a form of birth control. But for those of you planning on reproducing, or if you just don’t want an overheating piece of machinery on your legs, you need the Targus Lap Chill Mat (targus.com). This little wonder will add hours to your computing stamina and life to your battery, letting you finish that term paper or movie.

There are a lot of laptop coolers out there, but this is one of the best. It’s a simple design, and that’s what’s great about it. Obviously weight is a concern. You don’t want to feel like you’re buried under a desktop computer. But the Chill Mat is incredibly lightweight, which is amazing considering there is a fan in there. The grips that hold your laptop in place are excellent.

But the coolest feature (excuse the pun) is the fan. Plug it into your laptop’s USB port and it immediately begins cooling down your computer.

Mimobot USB Flash Drive: Anyone who has ever lost a term paper due to computer crashes knows all too well the folly of not backing up. Who better to guard your precious files than the last Jedi Master himself, Yoda? Or maybe your data has more of a Dark Side vibe. Take your pick of Sith Lords. Perhaps you prefer a cute but feisty Jawa or a cuddly Ewok.

Mimobot (mimoco.com) offers a whole line of designer USB flash drives, from Star Wars characters and Hello Kitty to their own clever designs.

The drives range from two-16 gigabytes and come loaded with themed desktop wallpapers, icons and more.