Peter Milligan continues his excellent run on Hellblazer with Hooked. John Constantine, the last person in the world you think would fall in love, has. The trouble is she wants nothing to do with him. To make matters worse, he’s addicted to a demigod’s cure for his demonic scabs (see last volume).

Desperate, Constantine uses a love potion, which precipitates disaster, sending him on yet another trip to Hell, getting him in over his head with the mob and wanted by the police for murder – all while trying to perform a resurrection spell – just a typical week for the Liverpudlian mage.

Milligan’s writing is characteristically sharp, if not as horrifying as in the previous collection. But the real standout here is the second half’s artwork and covers by Simon Bisley. It’s dark and dingy with just enough Expressionist exaggeration to bring out the grotesque.

Grade: A-

John Constantine, Hellblazer: Hooked is currently available.