The entire performance of “Yard Sale Signs” takes place in a women’s communal dressing room at a Ross-type discount store for designer clothing. The show is comprised of a petite cast of five women and one homosexual male whom the ladies graciously allow into the dressing room to help a friend decide on what to purchase.

The Focused Woman (Inger Tudor) shops for business attire as she heads out for interviews after a hiatus to take care of her sick mother. She brings along the Scattered Woman (Jennifer Taub) so she can chaperone and simultaneously pay her bills while shopping (not a bad trick and a unique touch).

The story becomes more interesting with the arrival of an awkward teenager and her allegedly evil stepmother. And to really get the show going, a married woman accompanied by her gay friend offer a lot of laughs as she gradually falls apart during the show.

Thanks to L.A. designer Eva Franco, the delightful costumes contribute much to the spectacle of it all. Low-budget theater or not, this play could not work if not for the fashionable clothing. Franco’s designs are actually on sale directly following the performance, and proceeds benefit the theater.

Many of the scenes include lines like, “Wow, I can’t believe something that cute is in this store.” Naturally if the clothes aren’t at least passable for cute, this dialogue just wouldn’t work.

Albeit a seemingly stagnant setting, the play remains surprisingly active. Between women trying on outfit after outfit, a lot of action comes out of the dressing room. As for the yard sale signs, you’ll have to wait to find out their significance at the Rogue Machine Theatre.

Rogue Machine Theatre is located at 5041 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles. For more information, visit