HIM: I don’t know if you guys are still alive. Have not been on your channel in a really long time (like a year!)! Just rewatched all your videos. You two are really funny! :D Anyway, I need help if you two are still living … I’m in college now, and I just can’t find myself with any girl. This is because in high school I knew this girl that was like super hot, fit, smart as hell, funny and everything, and every girl I see from now on, doesn’t compare. :-( If you two can help I’d appreciate it! I know you can’t help me find a girl, just advice on the situation would be nice. :)

WG: We’re gonna do a video soon on College Dating, so check back before you turn 80. But in the meantime, try to go out with some other girls. You’ve got to give them a chance, even if they don’t compare to your high school crush.

You might not like anyone right now, but a lot of that is because you don’t know them well and you don’t feel comfortable around them. So give the ladies a chance!

Believe us, we’ve crushed on some guys really hard in the past and we’ve all thought to ourselves, ‘I’m never going to find someone who I like better than so-and-so,’ and then all of a sudden, it happens. Then you look back on your high school crush and realize they had their faults too, just like everyone else. So give some other girls a chance!

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