This year’s most-anticipated event, the 2010 World Cup, might have ended months ago but a few things from it linger. Think: culture. Though the ball has stopped moving about Africa’s modernized, state-of-the-art soccer venues, Africa continues to entertain us – musically speaking.

Ghanaian Ebo Taylor, who is famous for his guitar skill and association with various sounds from Highlife to Afrobeat to jazz, is amusing music aficionados with a little bit more world in his album, Love and Death. Yes, it’s worldly. And yes, the man is legendary. His album is powerful, and it’s in another language, which makes the experience feel like a backpacking trip through Africa’s rural, exotic landmarks. Start off with “Victory” or “African Woman” if you’re planning to test the waters with this album. Otherwise, just randomly select a song, hit play and let the wonders of Africa’s Ebo Taylor envelop you.

Grade: B+

Love and Death is currently available.