Fantazzmo is the stage name of guitarist/vocalist Sergio Bedolla and what an attention-getting handle it is. The name indicates that what waits in the musical presentation is glamorous and magical, and to an extent Fantazzmo provides exactly that.

Opening cut “Superman” is a naughty, strutting assertion of masculine prowess set to a funky fusion of Prince, Jimi Hendrix and any number of rap-rockers. “I Know You’re Mine” is a poppy rocker that gives Green Day a run for their money while “Drown Your Lies,” “Fear in Me” and a couple other tunes are derived from Britpop and lean toward Oasis.

Not like they are the originators of the sound, but “She Really Likes It” is blues the way the White Stripes do it – a simple but persistent drum beat, stinging guitar riffing, a slinky vocal and ultimately, a guitar solo freak-out (If you wonder about Fantazzmo’s ax-slinging ability, just listen to this.). For “We Are Waiting For You” Fantazzmo sets his guitar to “psychedelic” with a little Spaghetti Western theme music thrown in; the result is downright eerie, like the Meat Puppets waiting for the Martians to land. Fantazztic.

Grade: B

Fantazzmo I: Enter the Fantazz is currently available.