You know it’s going to be a rollicking good show when the lead singer of a Canadian three-piece steps up to the microphone clothed in a dapper, flowing cape. Such was the beginning of the Friday night Unicorns show at The Echo, in scenic, graffiti-dappled Echo Park.

Following a competent set by schizophrenic electro-openers the Frausdots, Unicorns’ singer, guitarist and synth-ist Alden Ginger, along with fellow multi-tasker Nicholas Diamonds and drum-batterer J’aime Tambeur ambled onstage. Their set was full of glitch-y keyboard flourishes, fractured, cart-wheeling guitars and barely there vocals, which somehow meshed together into a delicate, sunny, candy-colored pop stew.

The Unicorns worked their way through most of their superb Alien8 Recordings, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone? mixed with in a smattering of onstage banter ranging from time travel to math, to politics to cookies.

Standout jams included the whimsically eerie, sea shanty strut, "Sea Ghost," and the full-on Casio blowout, "Jellybones." The show suffered from a breakdown in momentum at times, but by the time The Unicorns tore into the anthemic "I Was Born (A Unicorn)," with the help of pinch-hitting hip-hoppers Bus Driver and friend, the shabby-chic confines of The Echo pulsed with the energy of new believers.