Amazingly, the six Saw titles have earned over $730 million at the box office worldwide and DVD sales have exceeded 30 million units. Add to that the frighteningly fantastic fact that Saw has earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as as the “Most Successful Horror Movie Series.”

Saw 3D director Kevin Greutert, who has been with the franchise from the beginning in various capacities, thinks part of the franchise’s appeal is in its storytelling approach that strays from the horror norm.

“Most slasher films introduce the victims and then kill them off, one by one, and there’s not much going on beyond that,” Greutert says. “Saw is very different. The plotting is very intricate. We always have at least three central character storylines that are interwoven throughout the movie, and if you look at the seven films as whole, it’s even richer. So many ideas, so much talent go into the making of these films.”

One of the talent who joins the cast of Saw 3D, the latest installment of the hugely successful horror series, is Gina Holden as Joyce. Holden was recently selected for Hallmark Channel’s Something To Be Thankful For, featuring Faye Dunaway and Daphne Zuniga (premiering Nov. 6 at 9 p.m.), and ABC’s “Legend of the Seeker,” based on the popular Terry Goodkind book series. Holden was also picked to play radio executive Trina Campbell on the CW family drama “Life Unexpected.” In an unexpected turn, last year the British Columbia native executive produced “Bangmaster General,” a skateboarding Web series created by award-winning director Corey Adams.

Now, after roles in Messages Deleted, Screamers 2, Alien vs. Predator, Final Destination 3 and The Butterfly Effect 2, the rising star is taking her gore skills to the next level.

What were some of the scariest aspects of filming Saw 3D?

Gina Holden: It’s funny. You would think something about being on a set like Saw would be scary, but it’s really not. For me, I have to use my imagination and make everything real and play tricks in my mind to bring me where I need to be. It’s often very safe and controlled – for safety issues, so it requires me to be very focused and intense.

Are you a fan of the horror genre?

Yes. I always have been. Growing up watching Aliens, The Shining and reading comic books with my brother got me hooked into the genre very early. So as a fan, I feel it makes playing the roles even more fun. I am very dedicated to my work, but even more so in this genre because I am a fan, too. I don’t want to disappoint!

What makes this installment different from the others (besides 3-D)?

It is different, of course, because 3-D brings you even deeper into the story and adds an element of realism that only 3-D can bring. But besides the obvious, there are a lot of things that will satisfy the true fans. It will be a very exciting ride.

Are you a scared person in real life, or would you consider yourself brave?

Interesting question: I consider myself brave in all of my endeavors, but would be lying if I said I was never scared. I am a very sensitive soul and embrace that part of me as much as the strength. If I was never afraid of anything, I would never push for bigger things. I believe we need to be scared sometimes to get to new places in our lives. I draw a lot of inspiration from the things in life that scare me.

What’s next for Gina Holden?

The sky’s the limit. I will listen to my intuition and go forward with love and openness and integrity. Life is a beautiful journey and I won’t even pretend to know what will happen next. And isn’t that the beauty of it?

Saw 3D releases in theaters Oct. 29.