Nixeus Fusion HD: Eliminate all those cables and adapters by streaming your videos, photos and music from your computer or portable device to your TV in full 1080 HD with the Nixeus Fusion HD. It plays virtually any file format.

Or you can eliminate your computer altogether. The Nixeus comes with its own Internet browser so you can stream video from YouTube or Internet radio. Plus, it has a BitTorrent client. Install a hard drive and download your favorite shows directly to the Nixeus.

The Nixeus is easy to use and navigate. And it has an USB connection, so you can use a mouse and keyboard for easier Web browsing.

Elgato EyeTV HD: The EyeTV is an HD DVR for watching, recording and editing TV on your Mac or portable device. It works just like regular DVRs. You can program it to record a single show or an entire season. You can pause and rewind live TV with the remote, all from your computer.

But the best part about the EyeTV is that it can automatically record in two separate formats, making it iPod/iPad/iPhone friendly. It automatically exports to iTunes for easy transfer. Then you can take your favorite shows with you, without having to wait for the DVD releases. And, to make it even more enticing, you can edit out the commercials.

Say you’re out with nothing to do, but you forgot to load your iPod with shows. Not a problem. With the EyeTV app and a 3G or WiFi connection, you can access the shows already on your computer at home, stream live TV or schedule the DVR to record a show that will be on later.

You can also use the EyeTV to transfer home movies from an analog camcorder or old VHS tapes and burn them to DVD.

Also included is a free one-year subscription to TV Guide data.

Samson Go Mic: The Go Mic is a perfect little plug-and-play USB microphone for podcasting, dictating or recording a class lecture. It folds up neatly into a carrying case, so it’s easy to take with you and to keep safe. When you’re ready to use it, just clip it to the top of your laptop or set the stand on a flat surface, plug it in and you’re ready to record.

One of the mic’s best features is a selector for switching between cardioid and omni polar patterns. It also has a 10 dB pad for louder sources. The mic’s sound quality and versatility make it ideal for a variety of uses. Plus, it has a built-in headphone jack for no latency monitoring. If you need to set the mic further from the computer or you require more stability, the base has a built-in mic stand mount.

Whether you’re a musician who needs to set down a few riffs or you want to iChat, Skype or use voice recognition software, the Go Mic makes sure you come through loud and clear.

The Go Mic comes with Cakewalk recording software but can be used with any recording software.

USBCell AA Rechargeable Batteries: Hate to picture all those dead batteries full of toxic acids in landfills but don’t have the time to find a recycling program? Now you can save yourself the guilt and some money with USBCell rechargeable batteries. Just flip the top and plug them into your USB port to charge.

Wicked Empire Bones Ear Buds: Ditch those tired white ear buds and get something more stylish and better sounding with Wicked Audio’s new Wicked Empire line. There are five designs each featuring a different graphic on the outside of the buds: Ace (an ace of spades), Knight (a Crusader’s cross), Maiden (a kind of Celtic charm), Lucky (an 8 ball) and Bones (a skull).

The ear buds come with three different sized cushions for the perfect fit and sound isolation. They’re comfortable and sound great for around $20.

Stats: Driver – 10mm, Impedance – 16 ohm, Frequency – 20-20,000 Hz, Cord length – 1.2 meters.