I’m one of the photojournalists here. You’ve probably read one of my reviews of a CD that made my ears bleed because of my allergy to emo, or you may have seen my live concert imagery or cover photography. But this isn’t about any of that. This is about Audiojack.

Audiojack is a movie for your mind that’s never the same twice – an audio experience that uses an individual’s mind to create the story. No dialogue, no music, just sound that pushes the action along. Each issue tells a specific story but one that is never revealed to the listeners. This way there can be no right answer.

Think of this as a Rorschach-like experience but with audio. By using a person’s imagination and memory, Audiojack provides a very surreal experience. The best way to really understand the significance of Audiojack is to visit the site, audiojackforever.com.

Each issue of Audiojack follows a specific chain of sounds that allow the listener to use their imagination and create whatever reality they choose. By keeping the true storyline in each issue a secret, the possibilities as to what’s going on in each issue become endless.

Imagination and memory bring to life a virtual movie where the user creates the scenes and casts the Audiojack issue with their own thoughts. By using audio only, each experience is subject to the medium it’s used on. Those of you that listen to it on headphones will have a different experience than those who use a stereo or are in a car. Specific sounds are used at various levels to give each platform its own unique ability to tell a story.

The Community section of the site gives the ability to share your Audiojack experience with the rest of the world in two ways. The first: Users can go out and shoot their own content, edit it to the Audiojack of their choice, load it on YouTube and then put it on the site for everyone to see their idea of what’s going on in the issue. In addition, people can write and read about what others think is going on and debate over what is really happening in another section.

So, since it’s my birthday, I’m giving you a free issue to get started. Enter this code after adding the issue you want to your cart: CampusCircle. Download it and let me know what you think.

For more information, visit audiojackforever.com.