The Dropkick Murphhys put their hearts, and spirits into their live shows. So it makes sense that their latest release on Epitaph, Live on St. Patrick’s Day from Boston, MA features 25 explosive and energetic cuts from a trio of shows. According to lead singer Al Barr, it wasn’t the easiest decision to decide which cuts made the album, which was released on September 9.

"We had over 75 songs to chose from, and we just chose whatever came out the best, even though it was kinda hard to control" says Barr on the phone from New Hampshire. "We had diferent sets each night, and we got lucky with the way the sound came out, especially with our stronger songs."

With their blend of hardcore punk, and traditional Irish folk music, the Dropkick Murphys play insane live shows, but add a sense of hope ad optimism that Barr feels connects the band wiith the audience. "We try to bring light to peoples’ lives. Just looking at peoples’ faces in the crowds, and having them sing along to your words and have a good time; that’s a priceless connection," he comments.

The band has been on a virtual non-stop tour for the last two years, and life on the road has been fun for the band. Sharing the stages with bands that they respect is one of the reasons they have a good time. "We love touring with every band we go out with. We love to have a good time," declares Barr. "The Bouncing Souls are an awesome band to tour with, and we loved playing with Sick of It All and the Tiger Army too."

Although the band does do a bit of partying and drinking, Barr tries to keep it under s control. "Collectively, as a band, we drink a lot," he admits. "We’re there to have a good time, but for me, I’m 34 years old, and I try not to party too hard all the time. I drink, but not before every show, because I know I have a job to do."

The band is currently taking a much-needed break from touring and recording, but they have plans to enter a studio to begin recording a new album in the Fall and hope to release it by next spring. In addition, the band plans to head to New Zealand and Australia in October to play several festivals and shows, then come back to the States, finish the album and head back out on the road. "We’ll be back in the States, but I can’t say exactly when though. We love touring the U.S.," exclaims Barr.

Until then, Live on St. Patrick’s Day from Boston, MA will give you an idea of how crazy, chaotic and yet optimistic and energetic their lives shows can be. "The crowds are pretty much the same everywhere we play, it’s great, they all have the same love for the music, and we feed off of their vibe," said Barr.