In the sweetly sexy comedy The Girl Next Door, which hit store shelves in both regular and un-rated versions, the typical "boy meets girl, boy loses girl" love story is turned on its head when the boy in question realizes that the girl he’s laying his heart on the line for is actually – gulp – a porn star.

The sexed-up romantic romp from director Luke Greenfield (The Animal), begins by showcasing the ho-hum life of Matthew (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys’ Emile Hirsch), an inexperienced high school senior who’s just been accepted to Georgetown and one day wants to be president. When asked to fill in a "What I’ll Remember Most" prompt to accompany his yearbook picture, Matthew goes blank. His life is boring.

This all begins to change, however, when a mysterious busty blond (Elisha Cuthbert of television’s "24") moves in next door. Her name is Danielle and, after a hilarious incident in which she catches Matthew watching her undress via his bedroom window, the two actually meet. He thinks she’s gorgeous and way out of his league but, surprisingly, she takes to him rather quickly.

After a juicy kiss, the two are practically a couple until, of course, one of Matt’s porn-obsessed friends (Chris Marquette) shows his friend a raunchy tape – it’s an adult movie featuring none other than Danielle herself. Yes, that’s right, Matthew has fallen head over heels for a porn star.

This is where your typical "boy meets girl" story goes awry, as Matthew has a hard time dealing with Danielle’s former profession and, as an indirect result, drives her back into doing what she knows best. After a series of unfortunate events, hilarious sight gags and a handful of scenes loaded with T&A shots (for example, a dual lap dance in a strip club), everything falls into place. Now, thanks to Danielle, Matthew has a bit of a wild side and something memorable to recollect in his yearbook.

The un-rated DVD features a juicy handful of special features, including director and star commentary, deleted and extended scenes (including an alternate ending), shots from the real Adult Film Convention in Las Vegas and an intimate look inside the making of the film.

DVD Grade: A-