Billy Currington’s third full-length album Enjoy Yourself will allow you to do just that. While many country singers nowadays are shifting to pop, Currington’s third album is country, country, country. But it’s good, good, good.

Escaping his past “three-great-songs-on–this-album” syndrome, Currington sets a higher standard for himself with this collection of music.

Currington loves his beer as he has made it clear on his previous albums. His current hits “Pretty Good at Drinking Beer” and “Let Me Down Easy” top off an album full of excellence.

While many pet-friendly tunes can irrefutably come across as just downright redneck, Currington manages to pull off “Like My Dog” quite seamlessly. The melody, chorus, and even the lyrics comparing a woman to a dog are satisfyingly gripping. Currington’s sexy voice is just as compelling as always. So put on your cowboy boots, kick back with a beer and enjoy yourself.  

Grade: A

Enjoy Yourself is currently available.