On the six-track, 18-minute CD EP Top of the Rocks, Los Angeles punk-garage rockers the Superbees howl, scowl and growl without inhibition. After an eight-year lull the formidable foursome have returned: Vocalist/guitarist Dave James, guitarist/singer Scott Carlson, bassist/vocalist Dat Ngo and drummer Johnny Sleeper pound ears with a brash rock thud that combines the Rolling Stones, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the Stooges with tunes like “Silver Jet,” a shot of sleazy, Sunset Strip rock riffage; the tough and intense “Greyhound Tooth,” about a girl James can’t stand to be around anymore; or bluesy, somewhat psychedelic “The Lonely Kind,” which includes the quivering Farfisa organ of Jake Cavaliere (from fellow L.A. stalwarts the Lords of Altamont).

The Superbees even offer a self-assured remake of Aerosmith’s 1970s declaration of adolescent good times, “S.O.S. (Too Bad).” Producer Rick Ballard captures the band’s in-the-red onslaught by pushing the din to the limit: This is music meant to be played very loud.

Grade: A

Top of the Rocks is currently available.