Part sound collage and part orchestral spoken word poetry, Yann Tiersen’s sixth studio album is an impressionistic adventure. Having lost his mother and a close friend during the recording of Dust Lane, Tiersen used the album as a means to let his emotions rampage across the spectrum of sound, creating a French catharsis for the digital age.

Dust Lane is a beautiful and intelligent collection of musical vignettes; a harmonious coupling of surrealism and symphony. Each song moves fluidly into the other, creating vibrant imagery from the environmental accents of “Amy” to the classical distortion of “Dark Stuff” and “Chapter 19.” Don’t let the explicit song title “F**k Me” fool you into thinking it’s anything more than a lovely juxtaposition of controversial lyrics with the warm, uplifting sound of strings. In spite of having lived through a terrible loss, one thing is clear about Teirsen’s message: There is hope.

Grade: A

Dust Lane is currently available.