Here’s a fun take on fashion: Ideas of personal style become more defined while we’re in college.

Whether this view is true or not, that is the inspiration behind a new fashion photography blog site that has sprouted on the campus of USC, sophisticatedly titled StyleSC. Last spring, two stylish seniors, Eryne Lagman and Lilli Izumi, decided they wanted to document the many fashions they encounter as worn by Trojans across campus. From trendy and cute to high-fashion designer and hipster chic, the creators wanted to showcase a taste of college style not only to their peers but to the outside Los Angeles community and greater fashion world.

Similar to the concept of popular fashion blogs like the Sartoralist and Lookbook, StyleSC offers a more personalized look at how students today are interpreting their own everyday style at USC – off to class, sitting at lunch or chatting in the halls. As stated as the site’s mission, StyleSC is a creative collection of fashion consciousness as seen through the eyes of USC students. As the fall semester kicks into high gear Lagman and Izumi plan to up kick the posts and spot even more university fashionistas.

How did the idea of StyleSC begin?

Eryne Lagman: I was first motivated after meeting with a mentor of mine last summer. She was featured on UCLA’s on-campus fashion blog. She pointed out to me that it was interesting USC didn’t have one and didn’t doubt that we could do it even better. I think our students are better dressed [she laughs]. I reached out to USC’s Fashion Industry Association (FIA) with a passionate proposal to initiate this style blog.

Lilli Izumi: At the time, I was a member of the FIA board and was really interested. From the beginning, Eryne and I could tell we were on the same page in terms of our vision for the Web site. We wanted a way to showcase the styles of USC students and provide a spotlight, a way for students to shine in a way it hasn’t quite been able to before.

There are tons of blogs out there right now. How did you decide what direction you wanted to go in?

Eryne: The simplistic nature of Sartorialist and other similar fashion blogs is something I loved and something Lilli and I agreed we wanted to emulate with our personal project. No fancy templates, no flash-based Web sites … just a simple basic theme and layout with minimal text and the occasional editorial. The main focus was photographs. It’s cliché, but they really do speak a thousand words. The pictures and the styles that we capture speak for themselves and embody what individual style is all about ... effortlessly expressing oneself.

It must be a lot of pressure to be promoting style to the student population. With the site, how do you make sure that together you guys are offering a balanced perspective?

Lilli: I think StyleSC’s contributors bring something very different and unique to the table. Together, we’re representing a wide range of tastes. For example, while I tend to be drawn to the trendier, high-fashion styles, Eryne has an eye for that special something in an outfit I may overlook.

Eryne: I think we complement each other really nicely. I am drawn to loud, distinctive, expressive personal style. Whether your clothes are thrifted or cost an arm and a leg, the most important thing is spotting someone who put together an outfit in a way that is uniquely their own.

Just a half a year in, what can StyleSC followers expect in the future?  

Eryne: As interest is spreading across campus and as awareness about our tiny little passion project is rising around USC, the response is really promising. The fall has big things in store for StyleSC. We’re hoping to have a much bigger team of StyleScouts to help us spot stylish Trojans 24/7. More pictures captured, more material posted and more means of spreading to the Web what styles at USC are being expressed.

Lilli: Yes, we are still small, still growing and still have a lot to improve upon. We’ve received an amazing amount of feedback and interest from students who want to contribute and we couldn’t be more excited for this. I am confident that StyleSC will grow to be something pretty great this coming year.

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