Instrumental duo El Ten Eleven represents a Los Angeles post-rock variation: think Tortoise, Trans Am and like-minded ensembles. On their fourth release, It’s Still Like a Secret, acoustic/electronic drummer Tim Fogarty and bassist/guitarist Kristian Dunn offer 12 terse tracks spattered with loops, minimal, grooving riffs and ambient-inclined moments.

Unlike some post-rockers, El Ten Eleven have a gift for humor, beneficial brevity and melodic hooks. The calmly rhythmic “Marriage Is the New Going Steady” is a mischievous cut with an easygoing lope. On “Anxiety Is Cheap,” Dunn uses loops and effects pedals to multiply his double-necked guitar/bass while Fogarty deftly mixes rock and dance beats: This is head music you can move your feet to. The nimble “Ian MacKaye Was Right” name-checks Fugazi’s singer, but the bass-abundant arrangement is akin to Add N to (X). Experimental pop edges and drone qualities commingle on “Falling” and “Tomorrow Is an Excuse for Today,” which provide soothing immediacy.

Grade: B

It’s Still Like a Secret is currently available.