Austin, Texas, fivesome Masonic have been crafting memorable DIY indie pop for a decade. The group’s fifth self-released long-player, Live Like a Millionaire, fine-tunes their mix of noise pop, indie rock and fuzz-drenched ’60s influences. Vocalist Eryn Gettys’ ethereal vocals mirror the Cardigans’ Nina Persson, while the music glides from Brian Wilson-styled piano pop (slowly breathing “They Wanted So Much” and reverbed “Seems Like a Million Years”) to jangly guitar-pop (opener “Lifetime of Deception,” which nods to both Sonic Youth and the twee pop movement).

The 15 songs focus on renewal and self-reflection: following the road not taken, fighting back or becoming the person always denied. The psychological themes are reminiscent of Leonard Cohen; no surprise Masonic offers a thickly coated treatment of “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye.” John Mason’s brick-and-mortar production sometimes gets in the way, but overall Live Like a Millionaire is a concrete collection of indie pop charms.

Grade: B

Live Like a Millionaire is currently available.