It might be categorized as more saucy than sweet, but Fielding Edlow’s “Sugar Daddy” has a mighty bite. Edlow acts as writer, director and star of this one-woman comedy.  

“Sugar Daddy” follows a woman into some of the most intimate situations of her everyday world. As her life seems to be plummeting, the story dives into all sorts of dilemmas including: overeating, therapy sessions, a move from New York to Los Angeles and visits with her inappropriate father.

Edlow has a knack for writing, and this script is impeccably humorous. She captures perfect moments of insanity in a woman’s life while somehow remaining honest and lovable.  

The funny thing about when someone tackles a role with such a complex personality is that it typically only works on stage. When Edlow acts out breakdowns or freak-out moments that wouldn’t ordinarily be comical in real life, the audience can’t help but die from laughter.  

Edlow’s commitment to her character is priceless. As she is the writer, she had plenty of time to explore her character and was allowed endless freedom in making choices for the role. She’s witty, real and positively insane.

With only one performer, transitions are crucial. Edlow manages to pull off every single one flawlessly. She doesn’t have any costume changes, but just the tiniest alterations in lighting or positioning the furniture were enough to change the scenes.  

“Sugar Daddy” is offering discounted tickets for patrons who submit an original cupcake recipe or original artwork of a cupcake. The submissions will not only earn you a $3 discount on tickets but will be displayed in the lobby for the remainder of the show’s run. They will then be compiled into a “Sugar Daddy” cupcake cookbook.

Lounge 2 Theatre is located at 6201 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. For more information, visit