Do you ever lie awake at night pondering what it is to be human and exist on the swirling ball of gas we call Earth? Does your mind reel about what else could be floating in the cosmos with us, and if we will ever be able to communicate with other life forms? If so, then Rogue Artists Ensemble has created the perfect answer to your existential wonderings in “HYPERBOLE: origins.” It is a wonderful theater act complete with expression, music, dance and aliens to help qualm the unsettling questions that have arisen for many people for quite some time. The Rogue Artists Ensemble wrote this unique production with contributions from Miles Taber, Nina Silver and the director Sean T. Cawelti, a UC Irvine drama department graduate. “HYPERBOLE: origins” features an all-star cast who eloquently graces the stage in multiple roles throughout the show, yet allows for those in attendance to become part of the production as well.

Before you enter the theater, attendees are asked to answer life’s looming questions, “Where do we come from, and what does it mean to exist in this world?” by drawing their unique interpretation on a sheet of paper, which is later showcased.

We are shown the origins of human ideals, concepts and known truths by two aliens. Yet in this theater experience, aliens as teachers seem like the best fit because they might be able to shed light on things humans have been pondering over for thousands of years.

But don’t be fooled because they are modern aliens, complete with iPads, drum machines and very current music like Oh No Ono, the Very Best and Animal Collective.

Director Sean T. Cawelti says, “The real heart of the project is about the storytelling and about the importance of passing along stories from one generation to the next. It’s about the cycle of life and death, the idea that when one thing ends, something else begins. As our world moves more quickly, we have to remember the importance of valuing where we’ve been.”

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