Corey Holcomb. Francisco Pablo. What do these two men have in common? They’re both fantastic up-and-coming comedians who, lucky for you, can be found on DVD as part of the Shout! Factory’s recently released "Ad Lib Breakout Comedy Series."

On Holcomb’s DVD, "The Problem is You," the man dubbed the "Ghetto Dr. Phil" dives into everything about ladies, love and relationships – or, the lack thereof. Listening to Holcomb (who also appeared on NBC’s "Last Comic Standing 2") rant about his present and past quasi-romantic experiences is hilarious as hell, especially because everything he drudges up, at least in some small way, is something that everyone can relate to.

Among Holcomb’s most standout jokes are ones that revolve around every man’s "five-woman system," in which he explains that every guy has five girls out there, and when a disease pops up in the group, it’s time to have a team meeting to figure out who the cheater is. Holcomb also admits that on any given weekend, he can visit his ex-girlfriend’s house where, on the couch, he’ll be sandwiched between his daughter’s sister’s father on one side, and his daughter’s brother’s dad on the other. As he admits, he is as ghetto as ghetto can possibly be.

On "Bits and Pieces," Francisco’s DVD, we find out that he is a totally different animal than Holcomb. In his routine, taped live in Orange County, he begins by mocking Irvine residents with his combed-over hairdo and mechanical laugh. By the end of his act, however, Francisco is tying in everything from humping and the sounds of Spanish radio, to making duck sounds in a strip club and waxing about psycho ex-girlfriends and ultra-randy, super-old guys on Viagra.

Francisco’s routine, which runs almost a full hour, is packed with a ton of over-the-top energy, drawing in a plethora of imitated voices (ever imagine what cartoon character Droopy Dog sounds like during a humping frenzy?). He also includes random, bizarre sounds (imagine the sound of a piercing rattling someone’s teeth during sex) to make the oncoming laughs that much easier.

Between Holcomb and Francisco, there are endless laughs to be had. And if the routines aren’t enough, each DVD features a few special features – Holcomb’s boasts "Get the #*!@ Away From Each Other," which allows Corey to dispense some free advice, and a mood-setting "Love Lair" screen for your TV. Francisco’s, on the other hand, features a "Beans and Rice" screensaver and, if you’re in the mood for a little commentary, you can watch Francisco’s routine with a little comment-dispensing Pablo in the corner of your television.

All in all, if you’re a fan of comedy and like to support upcoming comics, then the Shout! Factory’s "Ad Lib Breakout Comedy Series" on DVD is definitely worth checking out, dirty routines and all.

DVD Grades: A-